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This is a copy of our Health guarantee covering you puppy.  It must be agreed to by both parties and is being sold with the following registration.

Limited registration:  Limited registration means you do not have the right to breed the dog.  Breeding the dog will result in a breech of contract and any guarantee will be null and void at that time.

Full registration:  Full registration means you have the right to breed and show your pup/dog.

The I.O.E.B.A. registration will be executed at the time of purchase.  The buyer understands that the puppy will be eligible for permanent registration with the I.O.E.B.A. and has been fully informed of how to go about the process.


  1.  All pups/dogs require a $500.00 deposit.  Deposits must be in cash or by PayPal.
  2.  Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.  If something happens to your pup/dog and if one is not available from this litter, your deposit will be transferred to the next/another litter.  If you change your mind and do not/cannot get the pup/dog you forfeit your deposit.
  3. ALL shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility

The pup/dog is guaranteed as follows:

a.  To be in good condition for the first forty-eight (48) hours after delivery to buyer.  The buyer agrees to have the pup/dog examined by a Veterinarian within the first forty-eight (48) hours after delivery time for a complete examination.  Please keep the pup/dog off of the floor at the Veterinarian’s office due to diseases.

b.  We cannot guarantee what in the Bulldog Breed some consider normal or beyond our control, such as:

Cherry Eyes, Entropin, Ectropian, and Hip Dysplasia.  We cannot guarantee that the dog will not contract Mange. Mange is a multifunctional genetic disease that can be transmitted in a recessive manner, including environment, stress and nutrition.  Therefore we cannot guarantee against it.  We are not Geneticists and cannot predict genetic issues/problems, so there we cannot guarantee against genetic issues/problems occurring.

c.   The pup will receive 1-3 vaccines, depending on age and will be wormed accordingly.  Please keep the puppy away from any unhealthy pets or areas that have been infected.

By signing below, you agree to ALL of the above.




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